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Misc. Links

Brandon Kusz's Sugar Ray Website
My Debut Website!

This is where it all started, when I created this homepage for my favorite band, Sugar Ray. I made this in early January, and now, in August, I have 10,000 hits and counting! I consider this good because I did not advertise it too much. I have fixed and tweaked this page, so if you have not been there before, it is a must-see!

Ozzmos Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzmos Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne

This is a great page created by my close friend and HTML pro, Ozzmo. If you are a fan of Ozzy, I recommend this site. Even if you aren't, you should still check it out. I am confident that it will be a very popular one eventually, because a lot of time was spent in the creation of it. I am a great friend and fan of Ozzmo and I guarentee that he will not let you down!

The Internet Movie Database
A great source of information for any movie, actor, or actress you would like to look up.

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