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Sedshaw19: ok
Sedshaw19: about what?
cutredwire: I developed a diagram
cutredwire: Did you send yours,

Sedshaw19: nein
cutredwire: Vy ist thist?
Sedshaw19: Unable to compute

cutredwire: Oh, I see
cutredwire: Mine just left the line
Sedshaw19: I cannot send to thee, but,
a special secret agent officer will
be at St Josephs tomorrow morning
to instruct you

cutredwire: How shall I address him?
Sedshaw19: He shall join you on the
bleachers, his code name -"Chris".
He will give special orders before
the upperclassmen arrive

Sedshaw19: Commander Geik, out
cutredwire: Arrange for him to pick
me up, will you, Q?

Sedshaw19: Indeed money penny
Sedshaw19: j/k
Sedshaw19: hey
cutredwire: oh james!
cutredwire: did you get the diagram?
Sedshaw19: I almost have my ad
banner done

Sedshaw19: where'd u send it?
cutredwire: Cool
cutredwire: ist this good, ya?
cutredwire: Before you dismiss
Sedshaw19: I have to do one last
touch b4 I upload. then i will give
you the url. Yes, its good, no, i
haven't recieve an e-mail

Sedshaw19: I will never dismiss my

cutredwire: I must explain the
devices that I, Q, have arranged
for this mission...

Sedshaw19: go on
cutredwire: Running shoes,
embedded with knifes that are
activated by voice commmand

Sedshaw19: ahh
Sedshaw19: Message recieved
cutredwire: stop watch, with 2000 volt
charge, enough to fry an egg

cutredwire: very good
cutredwire: retina cover, used to
infiltrate secret notre dame
buildings for shelter

cutredwire: and, the next one you will
really like, james

cutredwire: i like to call it, little nelly
Sedshaw19: Are you suggesting hiding
in groups behind foliage?

cutredwire: yes, when the upper
classmen arrive to destination C

Sedshaw19: indeed
cutredwire: aka stretchout land
cutredwire: they will be dismissed by
rory, and will leave

Sedshaw19: indeed
cutredwire: rory will in turn tell the
girls coach to send us back

cutredwire: foiling those meddling
kids schemes

cutredwire: back to "little nelly"
Sedshaw19: Actually this is kinda fun,
we have our own "secret agency" in
cross country

cutredwire: Very cool
cutredwire: a minitureized knock out

Sedshaw19: clever!
cutredwire: we hide them in a false
tooth in our mouth, and, at the
right time, we eject them and force
them into the capers mouth

cutredwire: and shove them into the

Sedshaw19: We wil go down as the
first freshman in history to elude the

Sedshaw19: Coach hoffman will be

cutredwire: tests proved that the
cappsules work in 1.13264

cutredwire: yes, "coach hoffman" as
he lieks to be called, shall be

cutredwire: unless it is a comspiracy
and he is actually wearing a

Sedshaw19: ha
Sedshaw19: youre right
cutredwire: maybe he is an

cutredwire: and what about rory??
cutredwire: he sure SEEMS to be
good friends with the kids...

Sedshaw19: indeed
Sedshaw19: all too precarious
cutredwire: maybe he is The Gray
Man in one of his clever disguises

cutredwire: Very precarious
cutredwire: I must report to "Agent:
Chris" and we must stay within a
10 foot radius at all times

Sedshaw19: indeed
cutredwire: and if we have run 4
times around, and we see them
come, we will do another

cutredwire: so that we can get to an
area of seclusion

cutredwire: I have one topic that I
need to discuss with you, prime

Sedshaw19: INDEED
Sedshaw19: do tell
cutredwire: Suppose that we are past
the grotto and running towards the
warmup area

cutredwire: and the "upperclassmen"
get on our tales..

cutredwire: There leader may make
us stop at the ahead docking

Sedshaw19: and
cutredwire: Their, I mean
Sedshaw19: what are you implying?
cutredwire: and then we will possibly
not be able to continue

cutredwire: i AM implying that if they
are close to us at that area, we
must loop into the figure 8

cutredwire: as it is commonly called
Sedshaw19: indeed
Sedshaw19: if you had this figured out,
they why ask myself that question

cutredwire: and then when they can't
see us, recoil to hiding point
behind folliage

cutredwire: Is this plan fool-proof,

cutredwire: I need your permission
cutredwire: To Commence option

Sedshaw19: YOU HAVE THE GO

cutredwire: Thank you Sir
cutredwire: Secret Agent: Mother
notified me that it is now time to

cutredwire: I must break

Sedshaw19: farewell