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cutredwire: hey
cutredwire: guess what
Sedshaw19: what?
cutredwire: i told my mom about the
thing where the freshman get
thrown in the water...

Sedshaw19: yeah
cutredwire: and she was like "thats
nice, thats a good innitiation into
the group

cutredwire: "i bet it would feel good"
Sedshaw19: hahahahhaha
Sedshaw19: Hey check it out
cutredwire: and i was like "mother
have you lost all senses?"

cutredwire: what>?
Sedshaw19: If we dont wanna go in
and they make fun uv us, just say
"Well how did you feel when you
were thrown into the lake. And if you
weren't then you are the pussy!"

cutredwire: yeah
cutredwire: but they are still gonna
make fun of us if they want to....

Sedshaw19: so
cutredwire: i know what i would do...
Sedshaw19: It doesn't matter. Tell
them that if any of our clothes get
damaged, they can pay 4 'em

cutredwire: i would be like "ohh, got
to run" and i would like start

cutredwire: yeah thats right
cutredwire: i mean, my shoes weren't
like cheap or anything

cutredwire: and that could ruin them
Sedshaw19: Hey, 2 morrow mom will
be bye at around 7:20-30

cutredwire: this is how i see it.... they
would have to do it after the run
because we would not be able to
run all wet...

cutredwire: so all we have to do is
like watch from the side of the lake
and when they get done stretching
and leave, we can go back,
stretch, and they won't be there

cutredwire: sounds good
Sedshaw19: I say, we come up with a
master plan

Sedshaw19: And here it is
cutredwire: okay
Sedshaw19: It is full-proof.
Sedshaw19: Ok
cutredwire: proceed
Sedshaw19: Say we are running along,
minding our own business, when
the juniors either bring up the
subject about jumping in, or we see
them running at us laughing, or
anything hat would tip off that they
are going to throw us in we:

cutredwire: yes...
Sedshaw19: 1. Get as far away from
the edge of the water. As far
inland as possible.

cutredwire: yes, we will forge a path
into the follage

cutredwire: continue
Sedshaw19: 2. Take off running. Run
anywhere. Get away, but stick
together unless we are forced to
split up. If we are too tired to run, or
they are gaining on us, we have to
react fast, so proceed to step three
by entering your PIN # after the

Sedshaw19: (tone)
cutredwire: ********
Sedshaw19: Access Granted
cutredwire: voice acctivation
cutredwire: brandon kusz
Sedshaw19: Please log-in
Sedshaw19: Access Granted
cutredwire: /\/\/\/\//\/\------/\/\/\/
cutredwire: wavetable accessable
Sedshaw19: Initiating Secret Plan


Sedshaw19: Prepare for Retina scan
cutredwire: |||||||||||
cutredwire: O
cutredwire: 1001010110101010

Sedshaw19: Complete
cutredwire: data match
cutredwire: 99.872 confirmed
Sedshaw19: Please wait for
transmission to clear this line

cutredwire: Transmission #b427736

cutredwire: accessing database files
cutredwire: now, lets get to Plan X
aka Plan 3

cutredwire: Commander Geik
Sedshaw19: Hello
Sedshaw19: Is this line secured Lt.

cutredwire: Freshman security is
being threatened by the cyber
gang known as Upperclassmen

cutredwire: yes, quite
Sedshaw19: Yes I know
Sedshaw19: And you have obviously
read parts one and two of the plan
to know to come to me for part

cutredwire: yes, i received the
ecrypted letter via "DataLink"

Sedshaw19: Hopefully the freshman
race won't be threatened to come
to this, but if we must, we have to
resort to phase three. Are you
positive this is a secured line?

cutredwire: Now, we must save the 6
elite men known as "cross country
freshman" Now

cutredwire: even the men from "Nam
couldn't get in

cutredwire: Yes, Commander
cutredwire: we are on a secure T-6
connection used solely for elitists

cutredwire: In the field of protection.
cutredwire: Now Commander, please
disclose plan....

cutredwire: 3
Sedshaw19: Alright. From here on out
you will no longer speak to me. I will
be signing off, but not before I link
you to our artificial intelligence
computer. From there it will
process the data into a font which
you will be able to read.

Sedshaw19: Commander Geik, OUT!

cutredwire: Good and gone
cutredwire: Set encryption to

Sedshaw19: Phase Three will be
sent promptly after the tone.

cutredwire: (twwww)(whirrrrr)Beep
cutredwire: I happened to do a local
area check on you, and I see you
are in the South Bend based area

cutredwire: your coordinates are
123.73578N 89.78236448 W

cutredwire: if they are altered by one
one thousandth of a point

cutredwire: our connection will be

Sedshaw19: Phase III: The Last Resort

Lt. Kusz. Hopefully freshman existance
wont have to some to this. It would be a terrible
tragedy if it did. However, we need to be
prepared in the event that a hostile
"Upperclassmen" takeover should occur

cutredwire: and a spike will be sent
to your computer, destoying all

Sedshaw19: Phase three is a diffcult plan
cutredwire: Yes Commander, this is
an issue of national security

Sedshaw19: You must consider that after you
have cleared the waterfront, and run to hide, the
travel in numbers

cutredwire: We must, i repeat, we
must stop this invasion

Sedshaw19: Indeed BUT I MUST

cutredwire: Yes, undoubtably so.
cutredwire: go on agent X
Sedshaw19: So, we assume that a certain, or
group of, "freshman" has not been able to escape
and hide from the upperclassmen"s clutches.

Sedshaw19: Well............................
cutredwire: Yes...
Sedshaw19: There are many ways to carry out
this mission. know as operation Z28.098

cutredwire: Yes, SIr.
cutredwire: i have an idea, if you
wish to hear it

Sedshaw19: Before I begin, I must know, if it
came down to this, would you fight to get out of
the situation?

cutredwire: Fight to the death!
Sedshaw19: Alright, then thats the spirit!
cutredwire: If they grab on to us, we
must alter their motives

Sedshaw19: Proceed wih your plan LT. Then I
will commense my operation

cutredwire: Overpower is the key
word here

Sedshaw19: Wait
cutredwire: Okay
cutredwire: "Operation:Lakefront"
Sedshaw19: We can't say for sure that we'd be
in one big pack, your must remember that we can
get separated

Sedshaw19: So, my proposal
cutredwire: yes.
cutredwire: The buddy system
cutredwire: listen
Sedshaw19: So the freshman become trapped,
the shall

1. Get away from the lakefront
2. Run as far inland as possible

And now for 3.