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Awards I Have Won

This section will be home to all my awards that I may win with this website. I guess I sound pretty confident, but after the completion of my website I am planning to submit it into contests and hopefully win some awards such as the "Cool Site of the Day" award. I have spent many, many hours fine-tuning this page and going out of my way to make it unique. I feel that the amount of information concerning Sean Connery, along with the complex page design, will make this a great page for all the many Sean Connery fans all throughout the world.

"Brandon Kusz has done it again! Combining his skills as a web page designer and an average teenager to form an excellent page. Since he first released his Sugar Ray website in early 1999, we knew we were in for a real treat. His web design skills are like no other. I know Brandon personally and he is a great person. I would recommend this site for many awards, because I know it will only get better. He has helped me with ideas for my web page, which can be found on his "MISC LINKS" page. To the viewer - take advantage of this page, and its forms. Tell him what you want, and he will deliver."

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