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Optimal Viewing Options For This Website

The browser that I used to create my webpage was Microsoft's Internet Explorer, version 5. I recommend that you download this browser from to insure that you are properly viewing my website. I believe that versions 4 and after work fine, so if you have these, you are probably okay.
Note to Netscape users:
I am having some trouble viewing my website with Netscape. I am trying to work out all the bugs, but until then, I would recommend using a Microsoft browser to insure that it is compatible.
Screen Size
I created and view my webpage with a screensize of 1024 by 768 pixels. I have experimented with all the screensize setting, and have found that 800 by 600 pixels works fine also, but 640 by 480 is too small and causes the page to display incorrectly. Anything above 1024 by 768 is okay also, and gives enough room for the page to be properly aligned. Note: To change the screen size, open up the display properties box and click the settings tab. There will be a box like the one above. Unfortunately, computers vary, so you may have to try something else.
Color Settings

My computer is set to display 32 bit true color. This is the setting that was used in the creation of all graphics and color schemes. I recommend this setting for you, but some monitors, mostly older ones, do not support it. You are best off using the highest number of colors your monitor can render so that you can properly view all the colors in their proper form. Anything above 256 colors is good, but 256 is not up to par and will display colors incorrectly, causing you to not be able to view my website's true quality, the quality I strive to give to my viewers.

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